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  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Counts & Volume Analysis
  • Highway & Intersection Design
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • PennDOT Permits

Traffic design and analysis is often very complex and requires specialized experience. Obtaining approvals and permits has evolved into a very intricate process. Lehigh Engineering’s Traffic Department has the necessary equipment and knowledge to provide a wide variety of services including, but not limited to traffic impact studies & traffic analysis, highway design, and permit acquisition.

This Department is closely supervised by Mr. Larry S. Turoscy, P.E., R.S, a traffic engineer and member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. Key staff members include David A. Earp, P.E., LEA’s Director of Traffic Engineering. Mr. Earp brings 30 years of experience from The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, having lastly served as Region 5-0’s District Traffic Engineer. Samuel D. Darrohn, P.E. is currently a project manager here at LEA. He also has years of experience from PennDOT where he held various positions from Traffic Accident Reduction Engineer to the Head of Research and Studies Section. Most notably, however, Mr. Darrohn was the Traffic Engineer for the City of Allentown for nearly 30 years.

Our firm has the ability to generate complete traffic studies for all types of industrial, commercial, and residential developments. Some of this work includes traffic signal design, system coordination, traffic counts, intersection & corridor analysis, and highway occupancy permit plans. Many of our design projects are state transportation related and involve working with the Department of Transportation to gain approval.

Our clients not only include municipalities, individual property owners and private developers, but we also provide traffic services to other engineering consulting firms. Over its history, Lehigh Engineering has completed in excess of 100 major traffic studies.


  • Boundary Surveys
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Construction Layout & Stakeout
  • Highway & Route Surveying
  • Flood Certifications
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys

The success of any project is largely dependent upon an intimate knowledge of the site to be developed. The need for quick and accurate field work is crucial. Having personnel with the ability to perform this kind of surveying is the backbone of any civil engineering company. Our Surveying Section consists of crews that are familiar with all types of surveying required during the land development process. This includes boundary line location and property surveys, topographic surveys, construction surveying as well as construction stake-out.

Maintaining an in-house survey staff allows Lehigh Engineering to get off the ground quickly when starting a new project. We also hire out our surveying services to other civil consulting firms, municipalities and construction contractors.

Lehigh Engineering's survey department has extensive knowledge of the standards used to prepare ALTA/ACSM (American Land Title Association / American Congress of Surveying & Mapping) plans. These plans are commonly required during the process of land title transfers and financing.

Our crews have worked on large construction jobs, such as the Lehigh Valley Tunnel (1989 & 1990) and relocated Interstate 78 (late 80's), both multi-million dollar projects. Some more recent work would include construction stake-out on an 82 acre industrial development for Custom Laminating Corp. and a 241 unit residential development entitled "Traditions of America at Hanover". As a result of the unit's experience with construction work, they can also serve as construction managers or inspectors.


  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans and Narratives
  • Post Construction Stormwater Management Plans
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits
  • Water Obstruction & Encroachment Permits
  • Wetland Permits
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • On-Lot Septic System Testing & Design
  • Sormwater Management Designs & Feasibility Reports

In recent years, great emphasis has been placed on controlling stormwater runoff and protecting waterways from the negative effects of earthmoving and construction activities. Regulations imposed by County Conservation Districts and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) are constantly evolving and have created a need for specialists in these areas. Lehigh Engineering’s Environmental Department is experienced in working with these governing organizations and has the ability to provide cost-effective designs that meet their requirements.

Our firm routinely prepares Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans and Narratives for projects of all sizes, from individual lot grading plans to large scale subdivisions and land developments. We also have the capability to design Post Construction Stormwater Management Plans and handle all related permit applications necessary to obtain approval. Some examples of these permits include General and Individual National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, Water Obstruction & Encroachment Permits, and Wetland Permits. In addition to these functions, our office performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, ASTM Standard 1527-05.

As part of our subdivision and land development plan process, Lehigh Engineering completes the designs for central sewage systems and on-lot septic systems. We also prepare stormwater management plans and reports, which encompass items such as the storm piping system, detention basins, swales, diversion berms, and infiltration systems.


  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Subdivision Design
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Land Development Design
  • Site Grading Plans
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Color Plans & Renderings for Marketing and Presentations
  • Zoning Variance Requests

Whether your project is a three unit retail mall, an industrial park or a multi-million square foot warehouse, we have done it. If you are developing a single residential lot or need a 500 unit subdivision designed, we have the experience staff and in-house services needed to meet your goals.

Since 1984 Lehigh Engineering has guided both novice and experienced developers through the process of getting their projects approved and built. With careful site planning and cost analysis, we aim to maximize the profit potential of a project. Once the desired design is achieved, we then prepare the necessary plans, reports and narratives for approval and construction. Additional materials such as colored renderings can be provided for marketing purposes or municipal presentations.

Our project managers attend zoning hearings, planning commission and supervisor’s meetings. They strive to work closely with review professionals and government officials in order to ensure that the project is approved in a timely manner. Staff specializing in traffic design, storm drainage design, erosion and sedimentation control etc., make sure that all required permits and supplementary approvals are acquired.


To ensure coordination between the fiscal and engineering functions of the company, Lehigh Engineering performs all administrative functions in-house. This means that questions regarding invoicing, estimates, scheduling etc. can be answered with a simple phone call.

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